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Maurits van Sambeek, MA.
Mastermind Philosopher
Originally intended as an elongated article it took me over twenty years before I was able to write a first draft.
  Then it flowed out in bursts of inspiration and the article was ready. 
It became part of a series of articles that saw the light of day on a social media site where it received hundreds of views and dozens of comments.
  But at a certain point I had to take it offline.
There were big changes going on in my life and my online presence took a different course. The article got archived, but never really forgotten…
Now, in these trying times, I found back the article and became immensely inspired again! That’s what I want for you too. 
  So I rewrote the text slightly and turned it into a complete and interactive eBook with extra entries for instant new results – results that are so much needed today. Now…

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